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Home > Produk-produk > Lori cecair kimia > DFAC Duolika Small 4CBM Corrosive Liquid Transporter
DFAC Duolika Small 4CBM Corrosive Liquid Transporter
DFAC Duolika Small 4CBM Corrosive Liquid Transporter
DFAC Duolika Small 4CBM Corrosive Liquid Transporter
DFAC Duolika Small 4CBM Corrosive Liquid Transporter
  • DFAC Duolika Small 4CBM Corrosive Liquid Transporter
  • DFAC Duolika Small 4CBM Corrosive Liquid Transporter
  • DFAC Duolika Small 4CBM Corrosive Liquid Transporter
  • DFAC Duolika Small 4CBM Corrosive Liquid Transporter

DFAC Duolika Small 4CBM Corrosive Liquid Transporter

    Jenis bayaran: L/C,T/T,D/P,Paypal,Money Gram,Western Union
    Incoterm: FOB,CFR,CIF,FCA,CPT
    Pesanan minimum: 1 Set/Sets
    Masa penghantaran: 7 Hari

Maklumat asas

Model No.: CLW5080GFW4

Additional Info

Pembungkusan: waxed

Produktiviti: 120 sets per week


Pengangkutan: Ocean,Land

Tempat asal: China

Keupayaan bekalan: 12000 Sets per year

Sijil: CCC ISO

Penerangan produk

DFAC Duolika Small 4CBM Corrosive Liquid Transporter

DFAC Duolika high quality chassis 4X2 drive LHD/RHD

The Truck is other transportation equipment used for corrosive tank truck transport in transpotation.

Load capacity:4CBM

The thickness of tanker material : 16mm

Oil pump:Chemical pump

Yuchai diesel engine 140HP, Euro 3/4 emission standard

CCC ISO BV approved, accept customization service.

Corrosive Liquid Tank Truck information

Vehicle name: DFAC Duolika Small 4CBM Corrosive Liquid Transporter

Transportation Vehicle type: Small Corrosive Liquid Tanker

Manufacturing place: China Type of licence: The vehicle license plate classification standard

Announcement batch: 276 Release date: 20150915

product ID: ZLU7Z4XR01N Directory number: (Seventeen)74

Chinese brand: CLW GROUP TRUCK English brand:

Announcement type: CLW5080GFW4 Exempt from: no

Enterprise name: CLW GROUP TRUCK fuel: yes

Business address: The southern suburbs of Hubei Province, Suizhou city Zengdou District Chengli Automobile Industry Park environmental protection: no

Inspection instructions

Exemption: no Check the inspection period:

Announcement status

Announcement status: effective Effective date of announcement: 20150915

Announcement state description: extend change(extend)Record:

Main technical parameters

Outline dimension: 6600*2080*2480(mm) Cargo compartment size: * *(mm)

Total mass: 8275(Kg) Load quality utilization factor: 0

curb weight: 4180(Kg) Rated load quality: 3900(Kg)

Trailer quality: (kg) Semitrailer saddle:


Front passenger: 3(people)

Rated capacity: (people) Anti lock braking system: Yes

Approach angle/Departure angle: 18/16(DEG) The front suspension/Rear overhang: 1210/1590,1100/1700(mm)

Axle load: 3310/4965 Wheelbase: 3800(mm)

Axis number: 2 Maximum speed: 80(km/h)

Oil consumption: 19.0,18.8,18.9,18.8 Spring sheet number: 8/10+7,11/9+7

Tyre number: 6 Tire specifications: 7.50-16 14PR,7.50R16 14PR,8.25-16 12PR,8.25R16 12PR

Front track: 1770,1831,1740,1845 Rear wheel: 1586,1640,1610,1680

Brake front:

After braking:

Before system operation:

After the operation of the system:

Steering form: Steering wheel Starting method:

drive system:

Oil consumption(L/100Km): 19.0,18.8,18.9,18.8

VinVehicle identification code: LGDCSA1LX x x x x x x x x x x x

LGDCS91LX x x x x x x x x x x xLaws and regulations

DFAC Corrosive Liquid Delivery Truck

Our factory product line:

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2. Mobile Truck , also as Mobile Shop Truck , Mobile Vending Truck , Mobile Advertising Truck ,etc.

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